About Canadian Diamonds

Brilliant and icy‐white, Canadian diamonds can literally take your breath away.

For thousands of years, diamonds lay undiscovered deep within the Canadian Arctic. Once discovered in the early 1990s, active diamond mining operations began and now Canada is the third largest supplier in the world, producing approximately 15% of the world's rough diamonds.

Compared to other countries, Canadian mines yield a significantly higher ratio of pristine, gem‐quality deposits. Canadian diamonds are distinguished by a high grade of color and clarity and a low level of fluorescence. Canadian diamonds also command a premium price in the market for two primary reasons:

  1. Canadian diamond mines are in remote locations. The mines can only receive overland freight during a short "ice road" season that generally lasts between six and ten weeks. Any supplies not delivered during that limited timeframe must be airlifted in at significant expense.
  2. The mine must also offer full housing and facilities to its employees because they are located so far away from any town or settlement.


Canadian diamonds are mined in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and are mined to the highest environmental standards in the world.

All Canadian diamonds sold by Gordon's include a Certificate of Origin. Certain certified Canadian diamonds also receive a unique certification number. This certification number is laser‐inscribed on the girdle of those diamonds, ensuring authenticity and identification of the diamond. This number will also appear on the diamond certification card.

Gordon's sells an exclusive line of Canadian‐mined diamonds under the brand Arctic Brilliance.