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20 Ways to "Yes"

Where you propose and how you propose will be remembered by both of you, forever. And, the more thoughtful and personal the proposal, the more lasting the memory of when she says "I do."

Here are some of our favorite ways to pop the question:

  1. Take her to her favorite restaurant for a romantic dinner and have the waiter deliver her dessert with "Will you marry me" written in chocolate on the plate holding the engagement ring on a red rose.
  2. Take her to the ball game and ask her to marry you over the score board during the 7th inning stretch.
  3. Place the ring in a glass of champagne without her knowing and then present the glasses to toast to a lifetime of happiness.
  4. Arrange a scavenger hunt with notes leading her around the house or apartment, from dryer to bedside table to coat pocket, etc., with the last clue leading straight back to you on bended knee with that perfect ring box in hand.
  5. Arrange a surprise party to pop the question with family and friends to witness (just make sure she is inclined to say yes to spare any embarrassing outcome.)
  6. Take her ring shopping and when she has selected the ring, bend down on one knee and ask her to marry you in front of the store associates and customers.
  7. Hire a sky writer and proclaim your intentions in mid air. "Marry me, Claire"
  8. Rent a billboard that is in her path from home or to work. (Just make sure she sees the message and doesn't crash due to the surprise.)
  9. Sweep her away for an unplanned vacation. Pack a few essentials for her - like toothpaste, soap, etc… and don't forget her engagement ring.
  10. Write her a poem proclaiming your adoration… then offer the symbol of your love with the engagement ring.
  11. Play her favorite board game and when she wins, present her with the ring. Better yet, spell it out "Will you marry me" in Scrabble letters.
  12. Publish your invitation in the help wanted section of the newspaper
  13. Send a singing telegram to her office and plan a surprise visit.
  14. Rent ad space at your favorite movie theater. Before the movie starts a slide appears "Mary, please say you'll spend the rest of your life with me. Love Jack" (The audience should give you a standing ovation for your originality.)
  15. Plan a romantic buggy or limousine ride around a park or downtown area. Let the driver know your intentions and help with your surprise.
  16. Get invited to her parents for dinner and ask to bring the dessert. Plan to ask her parents for their permission after dinner then bring out the cake featuring the engagement ring - just for her slice.
  17. Go to the place of your first date, an arcade or fair where you have the chance to win prizes. Act as if you had won a gumball ring and present it to her as you would an engagement ring. Of course, make sure you have the "real thing" to substitute when the timing is right.
  18. Give her a box of her favorite chocolates with her ring nestled in the center of her favorite piece.
  19. Take her to an informal dinner and half way through the meal tell her you want to take a picture of her to remember this special evening. When she questions why the evening is special, present her with the ring. Don't forget to have the waiter snap your picture and one with the two of you as a keepsake of that special moment.
  20. Plan a candlelight picnic on the beach or lake. Just as it turns to dusk, bring out a single candle with the single engagement ring on it. It should leave her speechless.