Giving Him Hints

Many men like to shop alone for engagement rings to make certain that when proposing there's an exciting element of surprise - the moment of presentation of a dazzlingly beautiful diamond.

Here are some ideas (Guys, if you're reading this take note!):

  • Talk to your friends and family about the diamond style you'd prefer - round brilliant or princess cut, solitaire or three-stone -- since he might ask them for some guidance. Let them know your ring size for sure!
  • Point out to him the diamonds your friends are wearing. For example, you might make a comment such as "Anne's princess cut diamond is a really beautiful diamond…I love that shape."
  • Comment on diamonds in magazine ads, or tear out an ad showing a diamond you like and leave it someplace he might notice it.
  • When you're mall shopping together, cruise the jewelry stores for fun and comment on the diamonds displayed there.

Remember this: The man you love wants the diamond engagement ring he gives you to be everything you've ever hoped for and a lasting symbol of his deep commitment to you. Even if he wants to surprise you, he'd probably appreciate a few hints that would let him feel as confident in his choice of a diamond as he is in his choice of you.

Trying to decide whether you want to do your engagement ring shopping alone or together?

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