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For many people, choosing a timepiece means finding the right mix of form and function. In terms of function, you will want quality construction and reliable performance built to suit your lifestyle. A watch built to meet the needs of an adventurer will be very different from a watch built for a businessperson.

Once you find a watch that suits your lifestyle, you'll want to find one that suits your tastes. Do you like the feel of metal or leather on your wrist? Do you prefer the look of gold or silver? Do you want a traditional round face, a modern square face or some futuristic new shape? To help you find the look you want, Gordon's carries a selection of quality watches from many watch designers and manufacturers, running the gamut from highly functional to high fashion.

We have assembled this information to help you understand the different descriptions used when talking about watches. You can use the glossary to find definitions or read the comparisons of different types of metals used in watches, from steel to gold plate to titanium. There are also sections that compare the different types of movements, crystals and water resistance.

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