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"Tungsten" comes from the Swedish and Danish word "tung sten", meaning "heavy metal". Tungsten carbide is an extremely hard composite metal that has been widely used for over 50 years as a cutting tool for industrial applications and in the production of scratch proof wrist watches.

Tungsten is very heavy with a steel gray to tin-white color and a lustrous finish. This metal has the highest melting point, and the most tensile strength of all metals. Due to the hardness of this metal, the shine is not apt to fade as with other metals that must be polished.

On a Mohs' hardness scale, tungsten carbide rates between 8 and 9 making it ten times harder than 18k gold and four times harder than titanium. Because of the metal properties, if you hit or crimp the ring with great force it may crack or break.

This metal requires very little care. Any soft cloth will bring out the original bright finish. Avoid cleaning tungsten with harsh chemicals, and do not leave in ultrasonic cleaners for more than two minutes. Tungsten also has natural hypoallergenic properties that make it perfect for use in jewelry making.

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