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Titanium is a very plentiful element that is valued for its unique strength, durability and light weight. The labor-intensive cutting and shaping process necessary to create titanium jewelry explains the scarcity (compared to other metals), value and somewhat recent introduction into the jewelry industry.

Titanium's color is most often a matte gray, sometimes considered a sportier look. Polishing titanium creates a metallic look similar to platinum. Colorful finishes may be created, which produce a rainbow luminescence comparable to a peacock's feather.

Titanium is porous but highly resistant to dents and bending, helping to maintain its shape and making it ideal for daily wear. This metal is as strong as steel but is 45% lighter in weight, and is similar to platinum in its resistance to tarnishing. Its scratch resistance is best displayed in the polished and high polish finish. Although scratching may occur after long use, titanium is easily polished.

Titanium is hypoallergenic. Most titanium is 98.825% pure.

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