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Known as the "Rainbow Gemstone", tourmaline comes in every color of the rainbow, and most tourmaline gemstones are multi-colored. The most common color is forest green. This mineral often has many color variations within the same crystal creating bi-color and multi-color specimens. Red with green is the most common bi-color. When the crystal forms with the red inside surrounded by green, it is called "watermelon". Deep red tourmaline is called "rubelite".

Gem cutters focus on bringing out the deepest color when cutting tourmaline. Still, when viewed from different angles, a tourmaline may exhibit several different colors. With a Mohs' hardness rating of 7 to 7.5, tourmaline is a very durable and easy to maintain gemstone perfect for everyday wear.

The name "tourmaline" derives from the Singhalese word "turamali", meaning gemstone. Tourmaline is reputed to have a powerful positive influence on love and friendship.

Color Any color to multi-colored to opaque black
Description Primarily composed of sodium and boro-silicate hydroxide. Mohs' hardness rating of 7 to 7.5.

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